Property Title Preview API

  1. View Certificate of Title information, Parcel details, related Owner information, and more.
  2. SAVE TIME by letting all users access information with a click of a button.
  3. Reduce the need to have a high number of LandOnline subscriptions.
  4. You wont get charged for requesting the wrong information.
  5. Information returns instantly without the need to search.
  6. Easy to configure, 5 minute setup.
  7. Can be used with either the Internal Web GIS or your Property system.
  10. 24/7 access with no logins needed.

Typically your Land Officer will be the main user of this system where they will be able to check any property's information before downloading the actual Certificate of Title from LINZ.  However, this service provides you with great flexibility and allows you to deploy the service via a URL inside any application that has a Parcel ID or a Title Number.

Who else would use this service?

  1. Customer Services - to access and print property and title information quickly.
  2. Planners - for easy access to subdivision related information.
  3. Finance - to query what properties an owner has.
  4. Other staff members who need access to this information.

Current View: Shows the current owners, legal description, registered rights & restrictions e.g. mortgages.

Historic View: Shows all interests that have been registered against the current title since this title was created/issued.

  1. We update our Data Warehouse on a regular basis to ensure that all Title, Parcel, and Owner information is current.
  2. Automated smart algorithms create, merge, and mash data together to create the output that you receive.
  3. Data is transferred to your web browser via our API and using your unique API Key.  This is monitored for you so you can track all usage of the service to see if you are getting the best value for money.
  4. Our super fast servers are located in Auckland, yes that’s right here in New Zealand, so you experience lightning fast delivery of your reports.

There are four different types of computer register, depending on the classification of the land:

  1. Computer Freehold Registers (CFRs) for freehold land.
  2. Computer Interest Registers (CIRs) for leasehold land, or for any land of a lesser interest than freehold.
  3. Computer Unit Title Registers (CUTRs) for stratum freehold or leasehold interests in a unit-titled development.
  4. Composite Computer Registers (CCRs) a combination of the other three types, for example, a cross lease title is a combination of freehold and leasehold computer registers.

Yes, as long as you have the ability to create a hyperlink from your Parcel or Title table then you will have no problems setting this up.  We also have a list below of applications that can set up this Web Service.

IntraMaps - Create a hyperlink in the Info Query where you append the Parcel ID or Title Number to the end of the pre-defined Web Service URL.

Geocortex - Create a Feature Link on your Parcel or Title layers and append the Parcel ID or Title Number as a parameter.

Local Maps - Create a Feature Link of a Feature Layer.

QGIS - Create an Action so that users can run with a selected object e.g. Parcel row.

MapInfo - Create a Hot Link from your Parcel table using the Parcel ID as the parameter.

ArcMap - Use the Hyperlink tool and configure the URL with our web service url and the parameter needed e.g. Parcel ID.

Property Systems - Most Property Systems allow configurable hyperlinks using parameters.  Emtel have worked with a number of Property Systems like Authority, MagiQ Enterprise, and Technology One and can help you configure these applications to get our service running.

Note - we include documented setup and support during the configuration phase to ensure that you have the service running well.

If you dont have an application or system to create a hyperlink that is passed a parameter then you wont be able to use the Web Service URL.

We do offer an online web application that will provide you with a search tool so you can look up a Land Parcel, Title, Owner, or Address and see the same results as the Web Service.  The only difference is that you log into a portal rather than your own software.

For more information on the Online Web Application option please contact us.

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Searching for Property Title information has never been easier!

Emtel has a new Cloud Based Service which serves up Certificate of Title, Parcel Title, and Owner information at the click of a button.  Easily configure your Web GIS Viewer or Property Application to start serving up Title, Parcel, and Owner information without the need to log in to a website or other system.

The Property Title Preview is a non-authoritative copy of the title textural information that shows the ownership of land and the rights & restrictions that apply to the land, but excludes any plans or diagrams.