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What Spatial Data Management Services does emtel offer

Spatial Data is the key to every GIS.  A lack of great Spatial Data Management processes will eventually lead to your GIS having issues.  emtel has been managing spatial data for clients all over New Zealand ensuring that “Best Practices” are put in place to ensure high data integrity and ease of spatial data access.

Spatial Data Health Check

Spatial Data Management
Search & Report
Check valid spatial information
Archive Duplicates
Ongoing Management Process


Having bad spatial data is like having a bad file system.  If your data is all over the place we can help you simplify and centralise your spatial data with simple Spatial Data Management processes proven to succeed.

Automation Scripts

Data Management Automation Scripts
Create Automation Scripts
Test Scripts
Migrate to Live Environment
Document Process


Are you manually changing data on a regular basis?  For example are you constantly downloading the LINZ LDS data?  We can help you automate data processes with some simple scripting and scheduling.

Data Migration

Data Management Data Migration
Create migration scripts
Test scripts
Schedule migration date
Migrate Data


Do you have a lot of spatial data that needs to be moved but you are worried things will break?  We specialise in moving data and ensuring that your system will still workduring and after the migration.