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What Project Management Services does emtel offer

Emtel have been performing Project Management Services within the Geospatial Industry for many years.  We follow the Prince2 Project Management Methodology for general projects and utilise an Agile Movement approach when working in a development project.

Project Scoping

Project Management Scoping
Meet & Greet
Begin Scoping Phase
Document Findings
Present Findings


The most important part of a project is knowing what you are trying to achieve, how you will achieve it, and by when.  Emtel have the skills to assist you with your project right from the project scoping phase.

Project Documentation

Project Management Documentation
Utilise Project Scoping Documents
Create Project Charter
Create additional documentation
Complete & Sign Off


Some people think that documentation can be a bit of an overkill?  We dont!  We think it is vital to every project which is why we produce all the necessary documentation to get your project up and running.

Project Management

Project Management
Review Documentation in Workshops
Schedule Time & Milestones
Manage the Project
Report Often
Project Complete – Document


Right we are underway.  Now what?  Once we have scoped and documented the project it is time to start.  By now we should know who is available to do what, where to start, what to do, and so on.