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What Geospatial Services does emtel offer


Spatial Data Management

Spatial Data Management Services
GIS Data Health Check
Automation Scripts
Business Processes
Editing Environment
Import & Export


Managing spatial data is a specialised Geospatial Service that emtel offers.  We are experienced at automating data management so you can focus on other important aspects of your GIS System.

Advanced Spatial Analysis

Advanced Spatial Analysis Services
Data Sourcing
Manipulating Data
Analysis Queries
Automation & Output


Understanding what our clients want is the key to delivering accurate spatially analysed results.  We focus on the project scoping as well as the client request first before performing the analysis.

User Training

GIS Software User Training Services
Manual Creation
Training Setup
Actual Training
Follow up sessions


When it comes to user training we are experienced at training all levels of users.  Whether it be advanced Desktop GIS or beginner level in a web mapping application, we have the tools to assist.


Software Installations

GIS Software Installations Services
Server / PC Requirements
Software Requirements
Installation Testing
Actual Installation
Documenting Process


If you need help installing your GIS System, or upgrading to a new system, we have the skills and knowledge to help get you over the line.  We have configured and setup many GIS Systems successfully.

Database Work & Scripting

Database Configuration & Scripting Services
DB Requirements
Data Analysis
Actual Scripting
Documenting Process


With spatial data being stored centrally in databases its easy to get caught up in the routine of daily database maintenance.  We have scripts and methods to help you automate your database management.

Advanced Mapping

Advanced Mapping Services
Data Sourcing
Draft Map Creation
Edits & Updates
Final Output


We specialise in advanced mapping using any GIS Application.  Whether it be ArcGIS, MapInfo, or QGIS, we have you covered.  Our maps are cartographically representated by using a standard mapping practice.