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We wouldn't exist without you.  That's why we value our partnerships with clients and other industry organisations.

Emtel NZ

Emtel Formation

Emtel was formed in July 2016 by founding members Martin Roundill and Ethan Hohneck.  Both Martin and Ethan have worked together at Waitakere City Council from 2000 to 2004 where they managed the councils GIS system efficiently and effectively.  Since then both founders headed down different paths in their careers only to reunite in 2016 with a goal and a passion to create intelligent geospatial solutions using their skills combined.

About Martin

Martin has spent his entire career in GIS.  Starting out at DOSLI, now LINZ, and working as a surveyor before moving into the digital age of the Geospatial Industry.

Specialties: GIS Implementaton and Development, Information System Integration, Data Modelling, MapInfo, Esri ArcMap, Esri ArcCatalog, Esri ArcSDE, Esri ArcIMS, Esri ArcView, FME.

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About Ethan

Ethan started out working in Local Government at South Waikato District Council after completing his degree at Waikato University and then moved to the big smoke Auckland to work with Martin at Waitakere City Council.  After a year in the UK working as an ESRI consultant in London he then moved to sunny Perth and worked for Digital Mapping Solutions as a GIS Consultant.  Upon realising that the mining boom needed Geospatial Specialists Ethan then started Perth Spatial and worked with Australian Interaction Consultants as well as a number of mining companies providing IT and Geospatial services.

Specialties: MapInfo Certified Trainer, Spatial Integration specialist, Intranet rollout, web development, ArcGIS Specialist, MapInfo Specialist, SharePoint Deployment, Project Management, Documentation, Systems and Processes, Application Rollouts, Cloud Based Technologies, Customer Relationships, Consulting, Pre-sales Consulting, Project Staff Management, Assetic Asset Management Software and processes.

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What We Do

We are a New Zealand owned and developed IT consultancy business working in both the government and private sectors.

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Our Key People

Behind every good company is good people.  Because we are a new start-up there is only two of us.  Experience matters.

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Who We Work For

Our relationship with our clients is important to us so our goal is making sure their needs are met efficiently and in a cost effective way.

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Maps help you make better decisions

Whether it's paper maps or digital maps the fact is that mapping is a large part of decision making in all facets of business.  Knowing the "where" for your business is crucial when making decisions.